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Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd(TUFIDCO) was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on 21-03-1990. The main object of the corporation is providing financial assistance and guidance to Local Bodies, Corporations, Boards, Authorities and parastatal agencies for their development schemes. It is also a Nodal Agency to implement Government programme/schemes in the State.The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of TUFIDCO is "U65191TN1990SGC018909".


Authorised share capital:Rs.50.00 crore
Issued and Paid up:Rs.32.00 crore


Shareholders category
Amount of paid up share capital (Rs. In lakh)
Share Holding in percentage
1. Government of Tamil Nadu. 3102.00 96.9375%
2. Urban Local Bodies. 78.00 2.4375%
3. Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. 20.00 0.6250%

The financial highlights of the company

In addition to the Nodal Agency function for Government schemes, TUFIDCO is extending financial assistance from its own source to the Local Bodies and Parastatal Agencies for various Infrastructure development schemes. TUFIDCO has been continuously earning profit right from the year of inception i.e. from 1990-91.


The source of finance as on 31-03-2014 is given below.

Rupees in Crore
A.Capital Base (Authorised) :50.00
B. Net Worth
  (i) Equity (Paid up)
 (ii) Reserves
   (a) General Reserve   :   67.27
   (b) Special Reserve    :   61.35
         Total                       :   160.62
 Banks                   :   765.90
 Public Deposits   :   6.76
 Total                     :   772.66
 TOTAL (B) + (C):772.60

The financial performance of TUFIDCO for the last 3 years is as follows:

Gross Profit12.3017.8919.73
Income Tax3.304.9516.32
Profit after Tax9.0012.943.43
Prior Period Adjustments0.000.050.01
Profit for appropriation 9.0012.893.42
Transfer to Special Reserve2.352.672.41
Transfer to General Reserve4.427.990.26
Dividend Amount (including dividend tax)
Dividend declared in percentage6.00%6.00%2.00%
Earnings per share 28.1240.2810.68
Establishment Expenses2.792.852.38
% of Establishment expenses to the total turnover 5.15%5.61%5.69%
Overheads0.640.671.41 *
% of Overheads to the total turnover1.18%1.32%3.37%

* Service tax payment on management fee has been grossed up. i.e. shown in management fee income as well as in overhead expenditure


  1. Preamble

    Pursuant to section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, read along with applicable rules thereto, the Board of Directors of TUFIDCO have formulated Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of the Company.

  2. Objectives

    TUFIDCO is committed to do business by adding value to the community and society on a sustainable basis through responsible practices and good governance.

    TUFIDCO’s CSR Policy will be focused primarily on safe drinking water, sanitation, environmental sustainability and education.

    TUFIDCO’s CSR Policy will be operative within the overall ambit of CSR provisions contained in the Companies Act 2013, Companies (CSR Policy) Rules 2014, Schedule-VII to the Companies Act 2013 and amendments thereof from time to time.

  3. Composition of the CSR Committee

    The members of the CSR Committee are as follows:

    Dr.S.Swarna, I.A.S., Chairperson and Managing Director, TUFIDCO.

    Tmt.Kakarla Usha, I.A.S., Managing Director, TNUIFSL.

    Thiru.G.Prakash, I.A.S., Director of Municipal Administration.

    Dr.M.Sekar, Retd. Dean, Anna University.

    The Chairperson and Managing Director / Managing Director of TUFIDCO is the Chairman of the Committee.

  4. CSR Budget and Expenditure

    The budget for implementation of CSR projects, programs and activities for every financial year will be at least 2% of the average net profits of the company made during the three immediately preceding financial years.

    CSR expenditure shall include all expenditure for implementing CSR projects, programs and activities approved by the Board on the recommendations of the CSR Committee.

    The unspent amount will be carried forward and utilized for implementing CSR projects, programs and activities.

    The surplus arising out of the CSR projects or programs or activities shall not form part of the business profit of the company.

  5. Area of operation

    TUFIDCO’s CSR activities will be concentrated primarily on urban area.

  6. Project execution

    CSR activities will be executed either by TUFIDCO or through local bodies, Government Departments, State Government Undertakings, Boards and Universities.

    TUFIDCO may also collaborate with other Companies for undertaking projects or programs or CSR activities in such a manner that the CSR Committees of respective companies are in a position to report separately on such projects or programs in accordance with these rules.

  7. Monitoring process

    The administration of the CSR policy and the implementation of identified CSR projects, programs and activities shall be carried out under the overall superintendence and guidance of an internal monitoring group formed for this purpose from time to time.

    CSR Committee will monitor the implementation of the CSR policy through periodic reviews of the activities carried out under CSR policy.