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TNUIDRF – IUD : MIntegrated Urban Development Mission (IUDM)

Integrated Urban Development Mission, a State flagship programme, was operational from 2011-12 to 2015-16 (5 years) aiming to improve basic infrastructure facilities like roads, drinking water supply, street lights, sewerage, storm water drains, sanitation, solid waste management, improvement of bus stands and parks in all Corporations (Except Chennai), Municipalities and Town Panchayats. Under this scheme, 13,257 projects were sanctioned at a cost of Rs 9594.83 Crore (fully funded/partly funded). Out of the sanctioned 13,257 projects, 13,214 projects have been completed and the remaining 43 projects are at various stages of implementation.

The scheme was re-launched by Government of Tamil Nadu to be operational from the year 2018-19 onwards with the allocation of Rs 750 Cr per year. 549 projects were sanctioned at a cost of Rs. 1234 Cr during 2018-19 and 2019-20 (till 30th Sep 2019). Out of the total sanctioned projects, 166 no. of projects have been completed and the remaining projects are in various stages of implementation.